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Charley Sim


After 40 years in the high-pressure world of advertising/marketing, where the demand to produce new designs was constant,  I'm now able to redirect my creativity into making unique contemporary art. Fuelled by my love of art, illustration, and poetry, I've worked hard to establish my very own gallery where I can relay that passion for creating contemporary art and poetry to a broader audience. I love to share the creative journey my mind has undertaken. 

I always try to push myself creatively in as many directions as possible. Forty years in the cut-and-thrust of the design and marketing industry has failed to blunt or dull my artistic imagination. I continue to seek out new ways in which to realise my artistic ambition and fulfill my desire to let other people see what I see.

1 Heathlands Cottage, Kinellar, Aberdeen.  Scotland.    E: [email protected]

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