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There once was a Cowboy who had never been seen. He rode in the shadows in a

world full of dreams.


Two hours of homework every night, his father had said, but yet he played Cowboys and Indians in his bedroom instead.

Then all of a sudden he was given a choice,

he discovered his art and heard his own voice. If you recognise this Cowboy, you'll know

what it means... the Cowboy that rides in the shadows

in a world full of dreams.


"Once a Cowboy, always a Cowboy" a personal dialogue.

For all that has been and yet never been seen, for all that we know and yet can never remember.

I gather my thoughts and begin to ponder, upon the life we strive to live and the time

we often squander.

As here we stand silently on the edge

of forever.

For then as now we often gather

bits and bobs that seem to matter

NOT but to ourselves.

Only to find them later in cardboard boxes

on dusty shelves

As I walk alongside giants, in a land that raises my soul. They reign down upon me, their heads touched by heaven's gold.

A short verse that I've composed to be used alongside the latest painting I'm working on.

In a far-off land way over the sea. There once lived a giant and his little friend called 'Mee'. 'Mee was a little bit quirky yet sometimes quite funny. His hair was bright red and his nose was always runny. 'Mee's' head was quite flat, his ears very floppy and he had this strange habit of rubbing his tummy. 'Mee' said to Giant..."I'm actually quite restless, I think we should do something that will really excite us!".
Giant thought long and hard, but couldn't decide so he quickly ran off and decided to hide. Then suddenly, with a whopping great crash came inspiration with a bang and a flash! "Let's build ourselves a rocket that'll shoot for the stars. We'll fill it with jam sandwiches and point it at Mars".

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